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todd horwitz of average joe options joins us now. he's also watching the situation in the ukraine and russia. will it have and effect on the stock market or perhaps the oil market. > >i think when you take a look at the ukraine situation as far as the stock market is concerned, i think it will have no effect. it may effect their market but i think our market it won't bother. however the price of oil has been telling us for the last 3 to 4 weeks that there was issues to be dealt with and this situation in the ukraine could keep prices artificially pumped up here. > >what do you think about some of these retail stocks? target had a great day yesterday. abercrombie and fitch did too. would you be a buyer? > >i think you have to be a seller basically across the board but especially in retail. as we continue to fight for jobs and we continue to see higher prices at the pump and higher prices in the food aisles, it's hard for people to be able to go out and spend that excess capital on retail goods so i think that i would be more of a seller than a buyer here. > >do you think jamie dimo
of what we are looking at is the fact that the ukraine situation and yellen's comment pricesortiva of higher that create a demand for a safe haven. we are seeing a big debate on where the price will be. will be ainks we little higher. you have to consider the fact that gold has posted two straight months of gains will stop you are looking at unchanged as we had to the close right now. >> thank you. turning our focus to investments in emerging markets with the focus on the fed chairman's comments. how might quantitative easing curb growth? to "bottom line." is situation in ukraine becoming more chaotic by the hour. ukraine needs money now. what concerns do you have about bailing out a country of 46 million people? >> clearly, the political situation is very complicated. it has geopolitical implications for the region. there is ethnic divisions, as we all know and the participation of russia has generated a lot of concern. we think russia is very unlikely to be as aggressive as some people fear and we believe the amount of money ukraine needs given the weakening of the currency is le
. that's what happened a few minutes ago in london. >> let's update you on the situation in the ukraine. the center of appear appears to have shifted from the capitol kiev, the other side of the story emerging in crimea. gunman have taken over a government building and prompted a russian flag. that prompted warnings to moscow not to take action. the new performy war is being played out. >> tents are being made here to turn crimea like kiev in reverse. heavily armed men are protecting it from what they see as profoundly undemocratic forces. their supporters not so many, but they are here to tell you that they would like nothing more than russian tanks on the streets to protect them. >> american army was supported in different countries, today we support russian army, because everyone of us has relatives in russia. >> the police lines start by just a handful of uncertain looking men didn't look very impressive. the small group proves just how unimpressive it was. the point being that they wanted to tell the armed group in charge of parliament that they were with them, and that they were i
minister ever in the ukraine. these are changes that governments in a normal situation would find very hard to implement, especially changes to the subsidies. atare not only looking households being hit, but major industries being hit. also, in terms of the way the whole system is set up -- these changes will need to be done fairly fast. the risk is that they may be watered down to a popular consensus. or the speed at which they are introduced may affect them. at this moment, we still have a situation of civil unrest, especially in crimea, but also in kiev. there are defense units in the streets. this situation, any sort of aggravation of public discontent could lead to some secessionist ambition. at the moment, we are saying that the governors of the eastern provinces fell short of calling for separatism. they called for increased self-governance until the situation in kiev can be settled down. up in ae going to end situation where ukraine and betweenimbo, half were the european union and halfway between russia, but not really having a strong place with either? >> if we have protracted civ
in ukraine. at the same time russian state media were depicting the situation as almost a military turn down in the ukraine. russia was preparing the soil to step in to move. >> ukraine is a massive 46 million people, enormous space. even if they mobilized 150,000 troops for a drill, an exercise, that about this particular problem they have inside the navy base there and which could be supplemented, do have a legitimate right to be there? >> reporter: yes, they do have a legitimate right to be here. moreover, they have a legitimate right to move around crimea. let me point your attention to the fact that the troops which are stationed there and troops stationed close to the russian border are one of the best forces that russia has. russian navy s.e.a.l.s are one of the most equipped of the russian army. >> behind her independence square. today is quiet. >>> the oscars take place in hollywood this weekend. one foreign film tackles the highly sensitive subject of palestinians who collaborate with israel. we have the details. >> omar brings the complexity of the middle east conflict to this yea
of an effect this situation in ukraine would have on the financial markets all week that they didn't decide that it would be having any considerable effect but that seems to have changed now within the last couple of hours people are now worried that the situation in ukraine and possible reactions by russia could have it the stabilizing effect politically and economically. one of the reasons why the ducks went down. in spite of a very good to consumer climate in germany. another reason people just think that a more positive news surprisingly positive news has to come from the economic side in from the corporate side in order to perhaps reach the record highs again. in frankfurt there let's look at the role market numbers starting in frankfurt the dax down by about one four percent on the day ninety six sixty one the clothes. euro stocks fifty also down slightly less thirty one forty eight as and over in new york the dow is training in just slightly out that sixty one ninety two and the euro down against the dollar one thirty six seventy one. anchored in the air bus group had a healthy year
or european union. there's common interest to stabilize the situation in ukraine. that means this new government has to be committed to unt, reconciling different factions in the country and they have to be committed to freedom and democracy. i hope they are. >> it's interesting because you have a lot of experience having traveled to ukraine on many occasions. but my question to you is if putin was on the same page as the united states, why would he put these troops there? >> there's been some discussion that this is a regularly scheduled exercise. i do not know if that is true or not. i think putin is probably trying to signal to the new government in ukraine, don't mess around with cremia. it's trying to be tough, new guy in the neighborhood. >> why should people here came? >> they should care. number one it's a large country ge grarvegly, the size of france, 150 million people. it was called the breadbasket of the soviet union. someone far smarter than i observed russia without ukraine is a nation. russia with ukraine is an empire. the country is a highly educated country with enor
summit let's take a listen to what she had to say the situation in the ukraine were taken in the ukrainian fills us with great concern it is of the utmost importance that we prevent a breakup of the ukraine and special forces in the country are strengthened. so nato defense ministers as you heard their unified in their alarm over the developments now as you heard from a colleague either to stop the crimea was of course part of russia until nineteen fifty four remains home to russia's black sea fleet ukraine itself of course had been caught between russia and the west since the dissolution of the soviet union now back in nineteen eighty one. in nineteen ninety seven. we did see me go high cents to four to set up a special joint commission on with ukraine to oversee relief chance of possibly paving the way forward for membership of a leader in two thousand. there was an agreement that kiev could eventually be considered for nato membership but that the band put to rest since all the questions now about whether ukraine will effectively be desert the issue with the change in p
, and what they have been telling us is that they are deeply concerned by the situation in ukraine. they consider ukraine to be a brother country and the ukrainians to be brothers to russians. they are concerned about the fate of ethnic russians in ukraine, but there doesn't seem to be a particular appetite for armed conflict. unless the russians in ukraine are put in danger then the people we speak to on the streets would be a justification for armed intervention. there's also an interesting perspective highlighted by a recent poll put out by the lavarda center, an independent polling company in moscow. it says that president putin's popularity is at the highest at the moment than it has been in the two-year presidency. it is somewhat to do with the success. winter olympics , but it's to do with the way the russians view the stability of russia, contrasting it with the turmoil that ukraine has gone through. >> rory challands in moscow. >> documents recovered from the former president's estate, the ukrainian's estate, thousands of pages were dumped in a river by viktor yanukovych'
jazeera, kiev. >> ukraine's prime minister is warning that the situation is so grave, they will have no alternative but to take extraordinary unpopular measures. the international fund is sending a fact finding team next week to ukraine, in response to the country's request for help. for more on that, we can talk to -- i am told that we don't have him to help us analyze the economic situation, perhaps later in the evening, for now though, in sport, a bit later we go to south africa where youngsters are being introduced to fencing to keep them off the street, that's all from us, back to doe ha. they need assistance. >> there's no such thing as illegal immigration. >> al jazeera america presents... a breakthrough television event borderland a first hand view at the crisis on the border. >> how can i not be affected by it? >> strangers, with different points of view take a closer look at the ongoing conflict alex, a liberal artist from new york and randy, a conservative vet from illinois... >> are you telling me that it's ok to just let them all run into the united states? >> you don't
exercises take place just outside the boarders within russia, and the turmoil happens within ukraine itself. the the economic situation not going uno tied. they are going to be taking the lead. but the united states is not ruling out any economic assistance. >> well the white house simply points to the fact that he has abandoned kiev, and the presidential compound. there are parallels being drawn to events that have taken place all over the world. and whether this is the a coupe or not a coupe. no doubt that yanukovych is gone, there's a government in place. they are calling for what they call a technical government, a caretaker government to take care of sort of the nuts and bolting of governing ukraine. that deadline has now been extended by a month but the organization for the prohibition, the group that is overseeing that process says the government needs to move much quicker. food is al jazeera's world day of solidarity for our journalists being held in the egypt. mohammed and peter gresta have been in prison for 61 days. they are aused of having links with a terrorist organization. th
this is just the trails of russia says this has nothing to do with the situation on ukraine in ukraine and on the crimean peninsula. i know russia does have a naval base a large naval base in the city of sanaa still put them in the crimea on in and sit down past the keeper he only sent to twenty twenty four. now the dean of the ukrainian president has warned of russian troops were on the station said to remain within the boundaries of the territory that had been agreed to bounce between russia and ukraine back out when the lease was signed silk and if the russian troops own efforts to move out of the staircase that could be viewed as soda from nst on ukrainian state. so there is a very tense situation than. and as for the russian action has been so far but reserved and then the chaise lounge has been taking a pause on the calming to me a fish in it until this government was formed and was waiting to see who will be part of it but the general duty on the evaluation he had been speaking to some experts they say that um they are not quite sure that is given for the fishing and britain are
then be an international situation. and i think it would go far beyond the-- beyond the ukraine. i think the white house actually put out a statement today where they did reference an agreement where osce members really should be informing each other of any -- >> being european security. >> yeah. >> organizations, although the russians have before intervened in countries or threatened to intervene where they see the russian speaking people need pog protection. they did, they threatened this a lot in the baltic states in the 1990s. and that is one of the pretexts that they could use. >> fiona hill, what is the impact? how is a statement like the one that cameç out today, secretary kerry saying it would be a terrible mistake or words to that affect for the russians to do something, the white house itself putting out a statement. how is that read by moscow do you think? >> the problem we have right now is we have all kinds of competing narratives about what is happening. the russians have also been accusing frankly the united stitz and the european union have directly intervening here as well. so sometim
house press secretary jay carney on the escalating situation. >> we strongly support ukraine's territorial integrity an
. >>> fast moving world at the moment. the situation in ukraine being discussed right now at the nato's defense ministry meeting. he said he is concerned about developments in crimea. he is urging russia not to take any action, to escalate tension or create misunderstanding. we can join now as he addresses the press. >> the timing of this exercise and the yon going events in ukraine as regards the wording in our decoration on full respect for sovereignty, independence, integrity, this is actually not new language from our sides. this is language you will find in the founding documents that established the nato/ukraine commission. so we just used this opportunity to repeat what we said many years ago in our founding documents. >> japanese media. >> yesterday you mentioned ukraine. you said most important security issues in europe. understanding that, i would like to have a very simple question. how much is the nato concerned about the possible russian intervention in that area? >> we have no information indicating that russia hosni plans to interview militarily. in my statement today,
will do it. billion.5 the imf says it is ready to respond to ukraine's request. the u.s. thus far has pledged $1 billion in loan guarantees. $1 billion down, 34 billion dollars to go. ukraine's money problems, together with the situation in crimea, are shaking of the regional markets. fell to recordle lows against the u.s. dollar. ukrainian stocks also fell. it does not help that russia is flexing its military muscle. russia has put fighter jets on alert given what is happening in crimea. that on top of military drills that president vladimir putin ordered yesterday. >> i think the russian angle is what has people worried right now. they have signal that they will try to protect people in crimea. no one expects russian intervention right now, but with the military exercises yesterday, what happened in georgia is always in the back of people's minds to my that you could get some kind of russian reaction. >> u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel is concerned as well. he spoke yesterday to a group of ministers in belgium. >> we expect other nations to expect ukraine's sovereignty and avoid
into a stand off with forces the president of the country sent to arrest him. everyone.e back, ukraine's new government prompts to keep the country there breaking up. may complicate the situation, prorussian masked gunman today seized the parliament building there and russian jets have been flying above the border. meanwhile, ukraine's former president is reportedly in a luxury government retreat in russia. ahead of a news conference tomorrow, a russian news organization reports he still considered himself as the legitimate leader of ukraine. california lawmakers passed the $687 million plan to provide relief for areas devastated by drought. that includes emergency money for areas running low on drinking water. this is one of california's driest years on record. al jazeera is holding a global day of action to support journalists being detained by the jinx government, mohammed fami, al jazeera rejects the charges. people have been supporting our colleagues, martyr school in the capitol of beirut saw a big turn out holding banners and posters say journalism is not a crime. about 30 journalists
surround that building hoping to contain the situation while ukraine's acting president warned russia that any troop movements outside of the black sea fleet base would be seen as an aggression against ukraine, and all of this going on, ross, based on as a result of many things but now we're seeing photos even of ukrainian armored personnel carriers and troops on the road to seba sebastopol, it looks like an intense stand yourseoff and onl to get worse. >>> the head of markets at bcs financial group, to find an analyst that thinks there's any possibly of military action as far as russia is concerned. have investors got it right here, the bond markets and the equity markets if we look at what's going on the investors are positive on the ultimate outcome here. >> ukraine is an extreme version of a frontier market, has very little access points to gauge what happens in the capital market there. it's true if you look at the equity market in the ukraine and the bond t seems like it stabilized. you look at the credit default swap it's an elevated level above 1,000 which is distressed but be
the risk of forces we're likely to face in the future. >> we've got a situation going on in the ukraine. it will look like it was being defused a few days ago. now it looks like there could be a stand off with russia, and there oh are some people who say america has got to not let that happen. how do we handle that? well, we're not going to send the military to the ukraine. the president is wise to deal with this diplomatically, but the notion that even russia is going to send in their forces to try to control the country would be a big mistake on the part of the russians. there is no military solution to this. the solution is reforming the system internally so the ukrainian people can decide for themselves what kind of future do they want? one that is tied to the system of the russians it's not going very far. it's a guns and gas policy. they have weapons and they have gas. they can shut that gas off any time they see fit. i think if putin decides to use military forces it will accelerate development throughout the european theater. it will put gas exploration and fracking on steroids,
is in russia, still claiming to be president of the ukraine. the more volatile situation is in ukraine's crimea region. it's calling on russia not to take any action that would create tension or misunderstanding. we'll be talking about the u.s. response to the ukraine crisis in a couple of moments. back to you. >> we've had a choppy session. janet yellen testifies to the senate later today. the s&p 500 still failing to hold above its records of yesterday. joining us now, chris retzler, needham growth capital. joe, really trying to get a feeling for what's been happening we keep pushing against 1850 on the s&p, can't break through it. why? >> markets are looking for a bit of direction. we've seen decent profits. fourth quarter right now we're estimating about 8% or 9% in terms of earnings growth, year-over-year earnings growth. looking at the economic data recently it's a bit difficult to separate the loss of momentum that we saw heading into december and the end of the year from what's going on with the weather. i think it will take time to fully read through that. >> what does your gut tell yo
, thank you very much. >>> nathalie has breaking news to talk to the volatile situation in ukraine. >> now we are hearing first words from the ousted president, viktor yanukovych. dozens of pro russian gun men seized control in the crimea region. richard engel is in kiev with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: well, we now think we know where he is. a russian source says viktor yanukovych has been granted asylum in russia after he appealed to russian authorities for his personal protection. he was asking for russian security. but meanwhile on the ground here in ukraine the situation continues to deteriorate mostly in crimea. russian flags flying over the regional parliament in crimea put there after pro-russian gun men took control of the building overnight. they want this region part of ukraine near the russian border to join with russia. russia has military bases in crimea. the huge black sea fleet is based there. russia has said it will react uncompromisingly to defend its interest. russia put its air force on alert and began six days of war games near the border. 150,000 ground tro
. >>> this is cnn breaking news. >> we've been telling you all morning about the worsening situation in ukraine. in the southern region at a parliament building there. the russian flag has been raised and protests are growing more violent and certainly more vocal. this as the united states on alert. barbara starr is at the pentagon. christiane amanpour is in london and phil black is covering this from kiev. barbara, what are u.s. diplomats saying? >> well, carol, we've been talking to our sources all morning here in washington. and their problem right now is to try and figure out exactly what the russians are up to. both russian capabilities and russian intentions. let's go to capabilities first. with those russian military exercises now on the ukraine border, what u.s. officials are telling us is, this has given vladimir putin the ability to position forces closer to ukraine and to, if he made that decision, move them into ukraine very quickly. that will be very difficult for the u.s. there will be very little warning time, we are told. u.s. intelligence, the u.s. military will find it very di
situation room." newsroom with brooke baldwin starts right now. >> here we go. thank you very much. i'm brooke baldwin. top of the hour, i want to take you to ukraine. the u.s. is confirming and keeping a close eye on the threat russia might pose there. the fear right now is repetition of cold war tactics. russia reenstated the promise they were there at the boarder and has nothing to do with ukraine. >> we believe that everybody now needs to step back and avoid any kind of provocations and we want to see in the next days ahead obviously that the choices russia makes conform to this affirmation we received today. >> this reaffirmation secretary kerry is talking about is happening as vladimir putin orders drills and readiness checks near the nation's borders. 150,000 russian combat troops are now at the ready. and a u.s. military source telling cnn troops could move very, very quickly if and when order comes from moscow. the fear would be to storm and reclaim ukraine specifically to the peninsula there. a peninsula that connects ukraine to russia in the east. 50 gunmen have taken over
in the ukraine. and really not to disturb the situation. it is important to point out that this group of gunmen who seized the parliament building in crimea at 5:00 in the morning, they raise the russian flag but this did not have anything to do with the russian state. they may be ethnic russians from the region. but on the russian side of the border, you have russia holding military exercises -- >> what will you look for early in the day? minister designate is expected to be voted in as the countries prime minister at any moment now. i think that what we really need to pay attention to is how the sky is going to raise $34 million. that is what they need to cover their liability for the next few years. this is not really too much money -- this is the guy who will have to cut the deal with the imf. he says he thinks they can avoid default, a haircut, maybe. it depends on the imf. this is the most unpopular prime minister ever because what he does -- whatever he does will not go down well in the country. >> thank you so much, in kiev. we have a great lineup for you, robert kaplan, ken feinberg, w
ukraine and whether in particular this situation in crimea spirals out of control. most of the experts that i spoke to, people in and out of government think it's unlikely he would actually intervene militarily in this case, and that they doesn't have a desire to see the company broken up. but things are definitely getting worse, not better. i do think we're in uncharted waters. >> absolutely, as indicated in jim' report in the actions today, in your piece you wrote -- putin's loss in ukraine may potentially be obama's game, but to turn the screws on putin, obama may have to assume more risk than he is willing to accept. elaborate on that latter part. >> well, look, to the extent obama may want to score some points on putin, and he may, because putin has made life difficult. he's been a strategic obstacle. they took in edward snowden. he had the obnoxious op-ed. this is a country on his border. this is a country where there are deep economic and social ties, and the stakes are higher for ultimate pianoen. he cares more. there is not nearly as much the u.s. can do. mainly the thing we w
president and said he fled ukraine for his life. as the new ukrainian leadership was voted in today, the country's prime minister tried to kefuse the situation. >> we believe that we will definitely find a political solution. >> reporter: but with russian fighter jets flying patrols on ukraine's border and major military exercises set to begin tomorrow, many here, like 20-year-old student tanya, are concerned. are you scared of russia? >> yes. a little, yes. >> reporter: why? >> because they are a powerful country, and they can-- they can do bad things with us. >> o'donnell: clarissa does anyone know where yanukovich is inside russia? >> reporter: well, norawe don't know exactly where he is. there have been reports that he is in a very upscale suburb of moscow. all we know he is he is expected to hold the press conference tomorrow. it's a move that clearly is likely only to inflame tensions here. >> o'donnell: we'll be watching. claris athank you. and those russian military exercises that clarissa mention read also a big concern. david martin is at the pentagon with more on that. da
reasons why the markets around the world are down today because of the ever tense situation in the ukraine. the country's acting president, the new president, is warning russia against any military aggression in its crimea region after pro-russian gunman seized a regional headquarters and parliament in that same area. nbc's jim maceda is live in moscow from where he joins us now. i guess, jim, the central question that people are asking is whether putin will observe the territorial integrity of the ukraine as president obama asked him to do by phone a couple of days days ago. >> reporter: it's a key question and one we can't answer yet, but he does seem to be setting up a situation of this increased pressure on this new interim government. keep in mind that in kiev, the interim government was officially voted in by parliament so we have the former economy and foreign minister known both to the u.s. and russia, by the way, now ukraine's prime minister and think about his first full day. i mean, those russian-speaking commandos carrying ak-47s and sniper rifles storming the crimean parliamen
katarina had a stark message for putin. >> leave ukraine alone. leave our people to make our future. >> reporter: the economic situation here really is very serious. the country's currency has hit a ten-year low. it has decreased by about 18% just in the last month. so those new leaders who were on this stage, they're going to be facing some very tough decisions here because the economic reforms that this country needs to survive will be very painful and very unpopular. clarissa ward, cbs news, kiev. >>> well, coming up on the "morning news," s.a.t. surprise. we'll see why your college entrance exam score from long ago might still be a factor with job recruiters today. >>> and unsteady steps. newly released video of justin bieber's sobriety test. this is the "cbs morning news." t anywhere you use sugar, you can use splenda® no calorie sweetener. splenda® lets you experience the joy of sugar without all the calories. think sugar, say splenda™ without all the calories. explaining my moderate to severe so there i was again, chronic plaque psoriasis to another new stylist. it was a
. the situation in ukraine. u.s. to russia, do not muscle in on ukraine. the u.s. urged russia to avoid provocative actions after flat putina -- after vladimir ordered troops to conduct combat readiness drills near ukraine where pro-russian protesters are fighting rivals in the south. on the situation in syria, syria ships mustard gas to one of its ports to be destroyed under this deal that was brokered by the obama administration. blames the syrian government for the deadlock in talks that have been ongoing to try to reach some sort of peace deal. returning to the united states on the domestic side, today is the fifth anniversary of the tea party movement. the tea party celebrates its fifth anniversary today, essentially marking some 1 the grassroots movement spontaneously emerged to become a political and cultural force to be reckoned with. michele bachmann will be one of the people speaking at today's event. cruz, as well as king, and, steve others that will be attending. celebration, and underscoring of all things tea party, will be staged at a grand hotel two blocks from the u.s. c
they will not use force to try and retake it at this time. they are trying to keep the situation calm, but it is a direct challenge to the authority of the new government here in ukraine. and in addition to all of this, there remains the question, what will russia do? the ukrainian acting president has warned russian forces, who have a naval base, a leased naval base in this southern region of ukraine, not to leave the base. and if they do, if they move beyond the perimeter of their grounds, then that will be interpreted as an act of aggression. so, clearly, the situation is very tense today here in kiev, a new government will be voted on by parliament and interim government. it now has a new crisis to deal with on top of the political and economic problems that this country has, christine. >> economic problems. the world is watching and talking about how the imf, the eu, the u.s. and, potentially russia, can try to help fill that $35 billion gap the country needs to fill. phil black, thank you. >> think about what phil's saying, there's a russian military base, a huge naval base in t
the greatest difference. >> reporter: so if russia does not send troops inside ukraine, what could be its intentions? >> definitely take this as a signal that russia is testing itself on sending a message that it is prepared to do things if there is a situation that develops that russia feels it has to protect its interests. >> reporter: and now in a odd coincidence, a russian intelligence ship docked in cuba 90 miles from florida without explanation from havana or moscow. now, russian officials also assured the u.s. that russia was not behind the storming of that parliament building in eastern ukraine. lavrov said he learned about it first watching the television. there is a trust deficit here. when kerry asked if he trusted putin, he said, wolf, there is some value in putin and that's why you keep hearing from u.s. officials they are going to keep watching what russia does this weekend. we know they are watching closely from the air, from the ground to see if the troop movements amount to anything where they go into the country. >> reminds me sort of the worlds of ronald reagan's in the
. >>> tensions running high here as russia starts military exercises not far from here on the border with ukraine. >> will make people here in crimea feel a little bit safer. it will make folks in the rest of ukraine very uneasy. >> certainly, jen, we have been talking about the situation as ukrainians are trying to development their new government, put everything in place. this is a pretty complex time. >> it is a complex time. they need to get a government in place as quickly as thing. they are trying to get atritional government in place by tomorrow, by thursday. because without a prime minister, without a government, they can't negotiate with anybody. they can't talk to any international bodies did. they can't formally talk to other governments even though we have seen foreign ministers come in, katherine ashton. eu foreign minister was in a few days ago, ministers coming in on friday. they need a government in place. they need financial assistance. ukraine is very close to default. they only were able to get a budget together this year because russia promised them $15,000,000,000. that was i
a tense international situation in ukraine, where masked gunmen thought to be militant ethnic russians seized government buildings overnight. both secretary of defense and secretary of state with words of warning to russia today. front-page editor of "business insider" here with us. michael, how should investors be thinking about this? >> they should be watching it very closely. ukraine is hemorrhaging money. the prime minister today said they only have $400,000 in their treasury. they have $15 billion left in foreign reserves. so they need some help. >> what's the next flash point? >> well, you definitely have to watch what's going on in crimea. the russian war games will be going on from friday to monday. the fact that there are russian flags over the regional capital and the parliament building in crimea is troublesome. then this government that was approved today, what they're going to do moving forward to get the balance sheet of the country settled. >> finally, michael, can you get a sense of a correlation between the events in ukraine as they played out today and what was happen
science monitor" breakfast in washington, d.c. topics range from a situation in ukraine parliamentary procedures in the senate. the republican lawmaker talked about the recent decision by workers at a car plant in his home state to vote down an effort to unionize. this is about one hour. >> okay, folks. here we go. i'm dave cook from the monitor. thanks for coming. yesterday senator bob corker ranking member from the senate foreign relations committee and influential member of the banking committee. this is his first visit with our breakfast group and we thank them for coming. senator corker i is a south carolina native who grew up in chattanooga and graduated from university of tennessee with a degree in industrial management. he starts his own construction company which grew rapidly in which he sold before turning 40. in 1994, our guest ran for the senate, finishing second in the republican primary to bill frist. later that year his name tennessee's commissioner of finance and administration. in 2001 he was elected mayor of chattanooga and in 2006 he was elected to the senate and wi
in the ukraine. >> it seems to be somewhat isolated. it is a tragic situation, but the market will factor that in. that could change very quickly if it continues to escalate. vix at theu buy the levels? >> i see some storm clouds out in the distance. i would be grabbing my on relevant. i would be looking long. >> you think we are beginning to be a higher floor. what is the feeling that you would stop that? of real lifenction opportunity. you see it up opportunity. it is at that rate we saw in the last month. -- it would break below, we can see how high goes. all the way up to 80. >> it looks like the markets like yellen. do volatility traders like yellen? >> there is a different place that you can initiate. there is a fair amount of selling based on the fact of the markets realizing what had happened over the last 10 days. it is high. i think that gives you some opportunities. you are seeing a lot of different types of plays out there. moving forward, you can see the volatility going higher. presley will drop it right there. thank you for joining us. i'm olivia sterns. ♪ that this is taking sto
that the state treasury in ukraine was robbed and is empty. i will not promise an improvement, not today, not tomorrow. our main task is to stabilize the situation in the country. >> reporter: bret, the international community right now is scrambling to figure out how to help ukraine without any funds disappearing into a black hole. that will certainly require some reforms on the fly. the international monetary fund is sending a delegation to kiev in the coming days to try to ascertain how to make that all come together effectively. bret? >> amy, thank you. >>> now back here to the u.s., and u.s. politics. vice president biden told democrats today to stop apologizing for their policies, including the obama health care plan. it's a message apparently not fully embraced by potential presidential candidate hillary clinton who says she would considerhanges to obamacare. correspondent doug mcelway has that story tonight. >> reporter: it was a nuanced criticism of obamacare from the presumed 2016 democratic presidential front-runner. in an off-camera talk in orlando the former secretary of sta
his personal safety which they have provided. so it is a highly combustible situation here in ukraine. josh? >> again, with updates through out the morning. alex, thank you. >>> we have breaking news from the korean peninsula. we told you at the top of the show. word that north korea has fired four short-range missiles off its coastline near its border with south korea. the missile launch is an apparent protest of the joint military drills being conducted by the u.s. and south korean forces. >>> back in this country a scary landing overnight for passengers on a delta connection flight from los angeles to oakland. >> leave all your belongings and get off this aircraft. >> flight attendants suddenly had to evacuate the plane opening the emergency exits after the cabin filled with smoke. there is no word yet where it came from. thankfully everyone is okay. >>> and dozens of consumer groups and medical experts are urging the fda now to stop a powerful new painkiller from hitting the market. they say that zohydro is up to ten times more potent than oxycontin. some experts say a single dose
as ukraine has now quit and become this without wages and pensions. i spoke to people and we came out of the situation according to the president today context and like any other state should be especially careful and vigilant in the recent bank widespread concern is no exception. due to the report the alleged competing i'll collapse of the three second tier banks has extensive it since it began to withdraw money and clothes a deposit accounts as a result the president himself had to intervene and explain to the that there are no bankrupt banks among domestic. with that. we should not allow any jumps which end of the most mentally providing a gradual improvement in the wealth of our people in developing national economy. recent events have shown that in the vigil which is in effect the situation the country the general prosecutor's office. what about the person who spread the misleading information. bobo. for more work. arrested him for twenty days and initiated a criminal case. it will work. if you work at a bank yet he worked in the bank now he is not working anymore. he spread this
of alarm, concern, rhetoric, picked up a level over the last 24 to 48 hours. for one, the situation you just described in the crimeaan peninsula and the russian military exercises outside the ukraine within russian territory. we heard talking about the territorial sovereignty of the ukraine, the accepting of those principles. meeting with the german foreign minister, and secretary kerry related part of his conversation with sergey lavrov. >> secretary of state laivesecrt the military exercise which has been conducted is not related to the ukraine and was previously scheduled but also important reaffirmed president putin's statement that russia will respect the territorial integrity of ukraine. good also a top priority among russia, the united states and the eu is economic stability within the ukraine. the u.s. said they would look to the imf to take the lead, but that has not been decided, that's being worked out as well, tony. >> white house correspondent mike viqueria, thank you. >>> a day of action is underway around the world to draw attention to the plight of our al jazeera colleag
's gone off to a sanatorium or a health farm outside the capital. now, the situation remains tense with clash in the predominantly russian peninsula of the ukraine where the famous y'all that -- yalta talks at the end of world war ii. cruise shut ups ceded it to ukraine in the ukraine in the '50s. russia has fighter jets on the border as part of what it calls regular combat preparedness exercises. parliament has been named with the new prime minister, bill, saying that they have already located missing funds to the tune of $70 billion courtesy of the last government, spirited away, apparently, into offshore accounts. bill: a lot to follow. mar thats has finish martha has more here now. martha: where does the united states stand on this situation? secretary of state john kerry saying that this is not about the united states versus russia. watch. >> we're hoping that russia will not see this as sort of a continuation of the cold war. we don't see it that way. we do not believe this should be an east/west, russia/united states. this is not "rocky iv." march good of to have you here --
fund to move expeditiously, as quickly as possible, to help stabilize the situation in ukraine. with that, mr. speaker, thank you. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair recognizes the gentleman from california, mr. swalwell, for five minutes. mr. swall well: each february during african-american history month, americans come together to celebrate the important contributions of african-americans throughout the nation. i'm proud to share the remarkable story of one of my constituents. captain leon "woody" spears. growing up near an airfield, young woody always dreamed of flying. after attending college, he was given the opportunity toe achieve -- to achieve his dreams. woody was among the few selected to join other young african-americans in alabama at the cuss key gee airfield where he was trained to fly. during training, woody overcame very tough odds. battling prejudice and racism to earn his wings and honor of serving with the tuskegee airmen. following training then lieutenant spears was sent to italy at the height
of the offence the political events we've been seeing in kiev the so called mike on the bed. very much situation here. i attend santa and santa we can see yes that's dope herbert reporting meanwhile russia has insisted it would defend the rights of its compatriots inside ukraine the country's foreign ministry declared this thursday will react in a strong and uncompromising manner to any violation. a short time ago. ukraine's foreign ministry has summoned the russian envoy in kiev and has requested immediate consultations with moscow developments followed out of their prudence demands for combat readiness drill of the russian ministry purcell ferguson the store. less than supportive weekend stays in place that only speak russian sprint and his own bullets hopefully mean you need to return to children. in nineteen nineteen divisions on wednesday. the statistical started to dance in the christian teaching russian afforded me the tree makes a silly sister hundred and fifty thousand treats in the face and sprinkled some encountered ninety nine school was the bangkok meeting shifts the ticket checking
reporters yesterday, we are political suiciders in the situation. welcome to hell. >> you have written about yanukovych, the former prime minister who just was released from jail and who was seen by some as a possible future president in ukraine. you sadbe careful what you wish for. >> she is media genic. she was rich before she was media genic. it worked with the west. the ukrainians are tired of her. as long as she was in vale. she was a bit of a heroin. a lot going on there. good to have you here in the states. good to see you. before we turn to another divided country, venzuela, we want to show you some devastating pictures that demonstrate the ref jopling e crisis. the u.n. says syrians will soon a have the biggest ref jopling e problem inside and outside of any nation, including more than 18,000 desperate palestinians in the refugee camp in damascus. son seem here queueing up for food. they have been devastated by fighting and by a blockade that has seriously disrupted efforts to deliver supplies. u.n. aid workers delivered 450 food parcels to refugees there wednesday that they admit i
will be back in "the situation room." newsroom with brooke baldwin starts right now. >> here we go. thank you very much. i'm brooke baldwin. top of the hour, i want to take you to ukraine. the u.s. is confirming and keeping a close eye on the threat russia might pose there. the fear right now is repetition of cold war tactics. russia reenstated the promise they were there at the boarder and has nothing to do with ukraine. >> we believe that everybody now needs to step back and avoid any kind of provocations and we want to see in the next days ahead obviously that the choices ru
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